A grayscale circus

I’m just going to jump right into the allegories. Who needs an intro anyway…

How do you stop your mind from going into a vortex of life’s unanswered questions and life’s greatest hits and misses?
Like a broken record, hung up on the insignificant detail and replaying it over and over again. It never stops does it?
This hamster is always running but it never tires. Hooked on the speed of life it just keeps going. Just. Keeps. Going.
Stop! I yell, but it doesn’t hear me. The walls of the cage are too thick, words cannot hurt it. Or so we think…
It’s loud in there, the hamster wheel needs new oil to quiet the noise.
Not silencing just quieting it.
I have no oil so the circus in my head continues. Not quite as colorful though.
A grayscale version of a circus with a splash of color here and there.
The splash disappears as quickly as the clouds after a rainfall. Like the clouds the splash comes back.
I’ve learnt to live in my grayscale circus, adjusted to its program, know it’s routine.
No need to stop it now, I’ve accepted its unforgiving cycle.

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